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Student Academic Life

Committee Members 2015-16
The committee shall be responsible for the policies and actions of the faculty relating to student life and general academic atmosphere of the University.  This committee, with faculty approval, shall deal with policies, guidelines, and information on all factors affecting student life and campus-wide academic atmosphere; these factors include policies stated in the Student Handbook (e.g. academic dishonesty, the student judicial process, or sexual harassment), policies on campus-wide academic atmosphere (e.g., collecting data on University-wide GPAs or studying the effects of social activities on classroom work), policies related to international student life, and policies which encourage faculty-student interactions which foster the intellectual life of the University.  This committee shall coordinate the faculty representation on those committees, councils, and boards which supervise student life and campus-wide academic atmosphere issues participated in jointly by faculty members and students including the University Review Committee, which deals with grade grievances and cases of academic integrity, Community Conduct Council, and Athletic Board.

Position description
Representative (end of term)
First faculty member Khadija Stewart (2016) (chair)
Second faculty member Kathryn Millis (2016)
Third faculty member David Alvarez (2016)
Fourth faculty member Leslie James (2017)
Fifth faculty member Rebecca Schindler (2017)

Student members:  Two (Student Body President and one other appointed by Student Congress) (Craig Carter, Ines Giramata)
Ex officio (without vote) Dean of Academic Life (Dave Berque), VP for Student Life or Representative (Dorian Shager), two (2) additional student members designated by Student Congress by virture of the office which they hold (Anna Gawlik, Katie Kondry).