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Housing & Residentiality

By living on campus, DePauw students engage in diverse communities that foster learning with & from others

Our residential experience is progressive by class year with different types of living communities that complement students' in-class learning. Immersion within these inclusive communities enhances each student's intellectual exploration and personal development, linking liberal arts education with life's work. Students have the choice of increasing their level of autonomy and responsibility as they move through their DePauw career.  Rather than focusing on where you live, our housing places an emphasis on who you live with and how you learn together.

First-Year:  South Quad Residence Halls

All first-year students live in residence halls with students from diverse backgrounds.  Students become accustomed to a new community, exploring their personal interests, adapting to teaching methods at the collegiate level, and learning from each others in ways most have not experienced before. Students learn together, in a community setting, while living at school.  Through their first-year experience students learn to cope with the transition to college and grow into an independent adult. 

Sophomore:  Ubben Quad Residence Halls & Greek Chapter Facilities

The sophomore year affords students the opportunity for engagement in a specific residential community of their choosing, either an upper class residence hall or Greek living unit, that enhances their opportunities and involvement within the DePauw campus. The sophomore year can be a challenge in terms of workload, finding a direction and involvement in many campus activities; in particular, DePauw sophomores are increasingly finding themselves pulled in multiple directions. Students’ residential community aides them as they actively engage in academic and co-curricular opportunities through programmatic and peer support.

Junior & Senior: University Apartments, Houses, Rector Village Suites, Residence Halls & Greek Chapter Facilities

Upperclass students live in a variety of housing styles that allow each individual to tailor their campus experience and live within a community that allows for the integration of their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The goal is to have students leave DePauw prepared to enter an increasingly complex and diverse world as a productive citizen not only engaged in, but contributing to their local community.

Healthy Living Communities

With our First-Year, Sophomore and Upperclass communities, Campus Living and Community Development offers Healthy Living Communities for residents. Many students are interested in living in a Healthy Living Community within our residence halls. These communities intentionally support healthy life choices, and the students who choose to live in these environments commit to a lifestyle that refrains from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs within their residential environment. As a result of living in these communities, students live in an environment that is free from the secondary effects of these substances and feel supported in their individual choice to refrain for using.

Additionally, these communities offer specific resources, programs and events that support healthy life choices, provide for quiet environments conducive to studying, create intentional opportunities for social and interpersonal connections, and give students the responsibility to help set the standards of the community and empower them to uphold those standards.

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