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DePauw’s new Writing Associates work with students in courses across the curriculum.

Working with students one-on-one and in small groups, a Writing Associate may

  • facilitate peer review groups inside or outside of class;
  • model the collaborative strategies necessary for successful peer review; 
  • offer in-class, interactive mini-lessons on the writing process and/or a variety of writing skills (i.e. shaping a thesis, writing, conclusions, documenting sources, etc.);
  • act as a writing resource by creating a bridge between students, and the writing center;
  •  attend some classes and model learning behaviors (e.g. active learning, critical analysis);
  • hold office hours to discuss specific writing tasks and to help students set learning goals;
  • share inside knowledge with the professor about what students are and are not learning;
  • offer feedback to the professor on the wording of assignments.

Please Note:

Writing Associates do not meet with students during class time without the professor, rank essays, grade essays, or explain a grade.