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Global Partners Program

The Global Partners program pairs first-year international student with a domestic student with whom they meet once a month for social and intellectual events--films, coffee, campus events, concerts, etc. The Global Partners program is a one semester commitment. These casual meetings help first-year students adjust to campus life and expose both domestic and international participants to new cultures and perspectives. Global Partners is a casual, fun opportunity to gain intercultural competency, which is essential for success in our increasingly interconnected world.

students at initial meet up event of Global Partners 2022 students at initial meet up event of Global Partners 2022 students at initial meet up event of Global Partners 2022

 Apply now through February 18th, 11:59 p.m.

Global Partners Program, Pairing international and American students to promote intercultural exchange, understanding, and friendship! Sign up by 2/18. Spring 2024 Semester, Monthly meeting committment (Meet at coffee meetups hosted by International Student Affairs or on your own time!)



The global partner program is a great way to learn about different cultures while at the same time creating new friendships. This is not just between global partners but also with each of their friends/networks. I was a global partner for 3 years and I loved it. --- Casandra Carrillo '17

We realized we have so many things in common......I know my life would have been much worse if she had not been there for me. --- Vy Le '19

They changed my perspective a lot because I learned a lot from a person who comes from Chicago. Not only that, I also learned a lot of American culture. --- Pyi Theim Kyaw '19

I got to meet a lot of domestic students through my Global Partner......They shared their culture and I could share my culture with them.  --- Minh Hai Vu '19

Having a small connection really makes a difference. --- Erika Mori (Exchange Student)