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International Student Programs

International Student Services coordinates a variety of programs to provide important information, support and opportunities for international students. We concentrate our efforts on helping students maintain legal immigration status by providing the necessary resources for this and creating a number of programs that clarify the responsibilities of an international student, creating programming that assists international students in their cultural adjustment and community building on campus and providing opportunities for growth and learning outside the classroom. Read more about our programs below.

Compliance Program

The team of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) includes Designated School Official(s) who provide one-on-one immigration advising. Our staff can answer questions related to maintaining valid immigration status and direct students to important government resources. We create a number of workshops and events to help international students understand the immigration regulations and keep on top of their reporting requirements during their studies with us and during post-graduation Optional Practical Training (e.g., Curriculum Practical Training Workshops, Optional Practical Training Workshops, Class Meetings). Through the ISS Weekly Newsletter delivered regularly to international students' DePauw University email inbox we provide general guidance to the international student community on important immigration topics and student obligations. The International Student Services (ISS) website contains also information on current immigration regulations and other important student responsibilities (e.g., how to apply for an US visa, how to obtain Social Security Number, what to do about taxes, etc.)

Cultural Adjustment and Community-Building Program

DePauw University is the home of a vibrant and tight-knit community of domestic and international faculty, staff and students. Our students come from over 33 countries around the world and bring a wealth of culture with them. ISS staff at the CDI organizes a number of programs to help international students adjust to the campus academic and social culture and negotiate the creation of the community of shared values. Through advising affinity student organizations and creating campus programing the CDI works to enable the creation of an intercultural community that reflects the ever-changing multifaceted identity of our stakeholders.

Leadership Programs

The Center for Diversity and inclusion provides a number of opportunities for experiential learning to help international students develop their professional and leadership skills. In addition to our CDI Intern program that includes positions for students with different interest focus, we have peer mentor and community-building programs that rely on the skills and knowledge of our students.

For information about some of the CDI programs, please click on the links below: