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Hilary Eppley: Inorganic reactions in Ionic Liquids and Inorganic Chemistry Education

 Hilary J. Eppley does research into the effect of solvent environment on reactions to form inorganic  coordination polymers and multinuclear aggregates of metal ions. In particular she is interested in the use of ionic liquids (like table salt, only liquids at room temperature) for these reactions.  

In addition to her chemistry research with undergraduates, she is working with nine other inorganic chemists from across the country to run a network for faculty who teach inorganic chemistry.  She has been doing development work on the group's teaching website, VIPEr: http://www.ionicviper.org and is planning a faculty development workshop to develop new materials for it.   The work of IONiC has been supported by 3 National Science Foundation Grants, the latest which is a 5 year grant worth over $1 million.