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Classical Studies

The classical studies department approaches the ancient Mediterranean world through the humanistic disciplines of language and literature, history and philosophy, and art and archaeology.

Classical Studies investigates the societies, languages (Latin and Greek), literatures, and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. Students develop critical and creative thinking skills by investigating fragmentary, contradictory, and biased evidence from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, North Africa, and the Near East.

Students often study overseas in Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom, and regularly participate in archaeological excavations. We offer majors and minors in Greek, Latin or classical civilization, and a minor in classical archaeology. Our majors pursue a wide range of careers in areas such as law, medicine, business, journalism, education, technology, public service, theater, and the arts.

This broad, deep, and varied historical training helps students become:
resilient (able to adapt creatively and compassionately to rapid local and global changes);
engaged (self-directed learners who can thoughtfully discern, evaluate, and act on information);
inclusive (self-reflective individuals sensitive to cultural difference and marginalization by understanding the perspectives and voices of past peoples from diverse cultural contexts);
communicative (mindful of rhetorical strategies and narrative structures, and proficient in written and oral expression).

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