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Computer Science Department

Computer Science Honor Society

The DePauw University Computer Science Department Honor Society recognizes computer science majors who have demonstrated superior performance in their computer science coursework. 

Students will be named to the honor society strictly on the basis of their academic performance; to be eligible for membership a student must have (a) junior or senior standing, (b) completed a minimum of five computer science courses course credits that count toward the computer science major, (c) completed at least one 300 or 400 level computer science course, and (d) a computer science major GPA of at least 3.75.

Honor society members will be recognized at the annual DePauw University Awards Convocation, which is held each spring.  Additionally, the department provides each senior honor society member with honors chords to wear during commencement in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

Member Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2016

Timothy Brauer Wenqi Fan
Adam Smith Stephen McMurtry
Brad Burch Clay Langley
Truc Le James McDonnell
Ujjwal Nair  


Members Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2015

Taylor J. Brandstatter Zoe Copeland
Kevin J. Courtade Ngoc D. Dao
Michael C. Davidson Benjamin D. Harsha
Fabian Herrara William P. Johnson
Rajat Kumar Tianqi Li
Giles R. Locke James T. Newman
Brandon L. Peters Tao Qian
Isaac R. Seppel Michael J. Spier
Sida Sun Cole E. Thomas
Rene E. Varela Saladrigas Rudra Vishweshwar
Congshu Wang Brandon J. Wright
Mengdi Xu Kevin Yean
Kyle M. Zachary Haowei Zhang
Hengshuo Zhang  


Members Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2014

Branco Bibic Zoe Copeland
Kyle Coronel Kevin Courtade
Michael Davidson Benjamen Harsha
Rajat Kumar James Newman
Tao Qian Rudra Vishweshwar
Congshu Wang Kyle Zachary


Members Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2013

James Burgess Quinn Carrico
Reid Conner David Garrett
Mengxiao Han Marcus Hays
Matt Hellmann Patrick Herrod
Yechan Hong JD Hoover
Brent Hume Da Huo
Joey Ni Ngoc Nguyen
Derrick Roach Jonathan Saddler
Graham Singer Botong Sui
Eriya Terada Bradley Wethington
Gus Wigen-Toccalino Tarun Verghis

Members Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2012

Catherine M. Baker James W. Burgess
Reid T. Connor Jianling Fang
David W. Garrett Mengxiao Han
Patrick G. Herrod Morgan M. Hooks
Dylan L. Howard Brent M. Hume
Da Huo Zachary A. Keller
Lei Liang Jonathan A. Saddler
Botong Sui Eriya Terada
Yucheng Wei Bradley P. Wethington

Members Announced at the Awards Convocation in Spring 2011

Ross E. Allen Catherine M. Baker
Alexander K. Billingsley Wesley P. Cleveland
Joseph E. Diekhoff Charles A. Dull
Paul H. Elliott Jianling Fang
Pucong Han Jonathan A. Shidal