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Computer Science Department

Wylie Condit Scholarship 

Awarded annually by the Computer Science Faculty to sophomore or junior Computer Science Majors in recognition of outstanding academic accomplishments in Computer Science courses.  The scholarship was established by Mrs. Charles M. Condit to assist promising sophomores or juniors to further their studies in the fields of science and mathematics. 

Emmanuel Alonge 2023 Benjamin Wilkerson 2023
Emmanuel Alonge, 2022 Anh Do, 2022
Jordyn Blakey, 2021 Sam Johnson, 2021
Juan Pablo Arenas Uribe, 2020 Jordyn Blakey, 2020
Shuto Araki, 2019 Recipient Zachary Wilkerson, 2019 Recipient
Gabby Coffing, 2018 Recipient Quan Nguyen, 2018 Recipient
McKenzie Allaben, 2017 Recipient Kemble Manning, 2017 Recipient
Josh Clark, 2016 Recipient Truc Le, 2016 Recipient
Taylor J Brandstatter, 2015 Recipient William P. Johnson, 2015 Recipient
Zoe Copeland, 2014 Recipient Michael Davidson, 2014 Recipient
Derrick Roach, 2013 Recipient Yechan Hong, 2013 Recipient
Da Huo, 2012 Recipient Bradley P. Wethington, 2012 Recipient
Catherine M. Baker, 2011 Recipient Zachary A. Keller, 2011 Recipient
Paul H. Elliott, 2010 Recipient Pucong Han, 2010 Recipient
Paul H. Elliott, 2009 Recipient Peter E. Schamber, 2009 Recipient
Ann m. Hostetter, 2008 Recipient Danielle R. Jaegers, 2008 Recipient
Chad M. Byers, 2007 Recipient Corinne McWilliams, 2007 Recipient
Joel A. Dart, 2006 Recipient Kyle A. Shipley, 2005 Recipient
Benjamin T. Steffen, 2004 Recipient Jing Tun, 2003 Recipient
Benjamin A. Betz, 2002 Recipient Jerry W. Jeffers, 2001 Recipient
Kelli N. Wilson, 2000 Recipient Justin M. Gash, 1999 Recipient
Kelly M. Van Busum, 1998 Recipient Kevin J. Wilson, 1997 Recipient
Ryan T. Ritz, 1996 Recipient Ryan T. Ritz, 1995 Recipient
Jeffrey G. Bogda, 1994 Recipient