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Film Studies Core Courses

Film Studies majors must take all four of the following courses. (Please check the current schedule of courses for availability in a given semester.)

FILM 100 (ENG167) - Introduction to Film
Designed to develop students' ability to understand and appreciate film as art and to acquaint them with a representative group of significant works and the characteristics of film as a type of literature.

FILM 200 (COMM237) - Film and Culture
This course is a critical examination of motion pictures as a medium of communication. In addition to looking at the films as texts to be "read," this course considers the institutional contexts in which films are produced, as well as the various reception contexts in which audiences see films. As a course in communication, we begin from the perspective that motion pictures are an important and meaningful part of the way we produce and re-produce our culture. Importantly, the course is not only concerned with how film texts communicate, but also how we communicate about films, as both fans and critics.

FILM 429 - Film Studies Senior Project Preparation (.25 credit course)
The Film Studies Senior Capstone Experience is the culmination of the Film Studies major, designed to provide students with a challenging final project of significant length and complexity, spanning fall and spring semester of senior year at DePauw. Whether the final project is a scholarly thesis paper of significant length and scope or a creative/production-oriented venture (such as a feature-length screenplay, short narrative film or documentary), the capstone project requires extensive planning, on-going organization, persistence and dedication, along with the ability to meet deadlines and work closely with a faculty advisor. To this end, the Film Studies Senior Project Prep (FILM 429) is a .25-credit prelude to the Film Studies Senior Project (FILM 430). In consultation with the Director of Film Studies and a faculty project advisor from the program, students prepare and submit proposals and supporting documents to the FS faculty committee. Once proposals are approved, students complete additional preparatory work, including research, extensive outlining, and/or preliminary pre-production, which is submitted to their advisor for evaluation. These phases of the project provide a solid base from which to begin the second, full (1) credit semester, and the more intensive writing/production phases of their capstone projects.

FILM 430 - Film Studies Senior Project
This course is the culmination of the Film Studies Senior Capstone Experience, building on the work completed in FILM 429. Working closely with their FS faculty project advisor, students immerse themselves in intensive writing and revision, and/or the progressive filmmaking phases of pre-production/production/post-production. Three deadlines must be met over the course of the semester: the first installment; completed first draft or edit; and the final draft or edit. (A failing grade on any project development phase results in course failure; and students must earn a C- or above in the course to graduate.) At the year's end, students present their work to a faculty and student audience. Prerequisite: FILM 429