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Internships and Study Abroad Opportunities

Students who major or minor in Film Studies have many opportunities to get first-hand experience in film--both locally and globally.

Winter Term

Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals
Every January, thousands of filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, agents and producers make a winter pilgrimage to Park City, Utah, for two of America's most important and prestigious film festivals:  The Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals.  If Hollywood is the Mecca of slick, multi-million dollar studio movies, then Park City is the homeland for independent film.   In January, Professors Peter Graham and Lili Wright lead a winter term course to Utah, allowing students the opportunity to experience this festival first-hand.   Students will spend ten days and nights watching more than a dozen films, attending panel discussions, meeting filmmakers, writing movie reviews, and interviewing directors, actors, producers, film critics, and festival programmers. 


Study Abroad

These study abroad programs offer film courses and can align students with internships in the industry as well:

Philly Center

DC Internships

NY Arts Program http://nyartsprogram.org/

EPA- London

DC Media Institute

Film & Photography Internships in Cape Town through the Volunteer AdventureCorps

VACorps specializes in placing students in the film and photography internships that are best-suited to their preferences, whether they’re interested in working with equipment in a university television studio, or as a production assistant on a local show. Whether a media student or graduate, you could learn vital skills and gain invaluable insight into this fast-paced industry. Film internships in South Africa afford you the opportunity to spend time on working sets and get a taste of the different roles that each team member plays.

FAMU International in Prague

Study film in Prague (in English!). FAMU International (a part of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) was founded after World War II, in 1947. It is the fifth oldest film school in the world. Its graduates include many influential filmmakers and scriptwriters, many known within international contexts such as Oscar winners or laureates of international film festivals. It provides complete professional facilities from HDV, digital Beta cam and HDTV to 16 and 35mm facilities for students´ work. Please see the website for the umbrella program, CIEE here: https://www.ciee.org/study-abroad/czech-republic/prague/communication-new-media-journalism/ . See the FAMU website here: http://international.famu.cz/

Filmmaking and Cinema Studies in Dublin, Ireland https://geo.uoregon.edu/programs/ireland/cinema-studies-dublin

The program lasts for five weeks, and students take two 4-5 credit classes (for 2017: one contemporary Irish cinema course, one digital filmmaking course taught by Frank Reid, from the National Film School), lots of excursions including a long weekend at the Galway Film Fleadh (the country's biggest film festival). Students live with Irish families. Scholarships are available.



Indianapolis International Film Festival- Students have the opportunity to serve in a number of roles, including as a Film Submissions intern and an Operations Intern. These positions are instrumental in reviewing submissions for the festival and help provide logistical support throughout the planning phase leading up to the event.

Sundance Film Festival- Several students have found internships at Sundance, in a variety of roles, including internships in marketing, corporate relations, logistics and production.

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Facets)- Facets Internships are a great learning experience for anyone interested in event coordination, film, fundraising, writing, marketing, publicity, non-profit organizations & PR. A student recently worked at this film festival in the marketing/social media area, and here was her position description:

Marketing/Social Media Coordinator: Students can expect to learn and gain proficiency in the use of social media as part of a coordinated marketing approach. This internship will offer participants the opportunity to help identify and analyze a target audience and plan and implement elements of marketing campaigns. This position also serves as Facets' liaison to online and social-media based networks of film-lovers, keeping Facets apprised of ongoing conversations and raising online awareness of Facets' mission, programs, and offerings. Applicants should possess creativity, a broad and informed love of movies, attention to detail, experience in writing, general office skills, and Internet research. Responsibilities may also include coordinating promotional relationships and items for Facets, Facets Children’s Programs and special events, publicizing in ethnic or niche markets, and Festival publicity coordination.

Another student found an internship with the festival as a Children's Film Acquisitions Assistant, and here is her position description:

This internship position includes extensive communication with leading children’s filmmakers, film producers and other rights holders worldwide. You will learn the structures of licensing and distribution, the vetting of digital and other collateral distribution materials, and the negotiation process. In the process, you will be part of a team which will change the future of children’s media.

Independent Film Projects -- A number of independent films have been shot in the area by faculty, alumni, and outside producers. DePauw FS student interns are on set. Current and recent projects include:

  • King Rat -- feature film shot on DePauw’s campus summer of ‘15, written and directed by DePauw alum, Henry Johnston, and produced by DePauw alum, Alex Thompson. Students served in a number of production capacities.

  • Reparation -- feature film shot in Putnam County summer of ‘14, written by faculty member, Steve Timm, and directed and produced by DePauw alum, Kyle Hamm. 4 students served as interns during the shoot. Each student had a different role, and one served as the script supervisor. Here is a brief description of that student’s role:

In this role, the student was in charge of continuity. It was her job to make sure that the film could be cut together once shooting was completed. An extreme example of a continuity error is the top button of an actor’s shirt being buttoned, but then being unbuttoned when you cut back to the same actor a few seconds later. In addition to making sure that there are no visual errors in continuity, it was her job to make sure that the actors say their lines correctly. Additionally, she was responsible for taking notes on what the director was saying about each take while shooting, writing everything down in a continuity log.

  • Mud Lotus -- a 23-minute short written and directed by faculty member, Chris White, produced/edited by faculty member, Jonathan Nichols-Pethick, in summer of ‘13, which utilized student interns in a number of capacities, including production assistant, gaffer, assistant sound, catering, and grip.



The Heartland Film Festival- This festival needs volunteers each year to run their film festival at AMC Castleton & AMC Traders Point in Indianapolis. Each volunteer can work a certain number of hours and receive free vouchers in exchange for tickets to films. This is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of the independent film industry at little cost to them. Below are the links to the festival.


Please contact the director of the film studies program for more information about these and other opportunities.