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Facilities and Equipment


 DePauw’s Film Studies program is able to offer students a number of fine facilities in which to pursue their work, as well as an array of filmmaking gear for use in classes, independent studies, and Senior Capstone filmmaking projects.

Available equipment spans from Canon 6D’s and Canon Rebel T5i’s, to Rikonon prime lenses, to Zoom field recorders, to Lowell softbox lighting and Arri Fresnel lighting (please see the Film Studies Equipment checkout form.pdf for a complete listing of available equipment).

The Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media offers a large studio space where students work with camera, sound, and lights in classes or in preparation for location shoots.  Film Studies students edit sound and image in an editing suite housed in the Peeler Art Center, utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. And student film projects are presented in the Peeler Art Center Auditorium, a 90-seat auditorium with state-of- the-art acoustics, designed for public events, films and recitals, or the Pulliam Center’s Watson Forum, a 91-seat media classroom and television soundstage that has accommodated everything from visiting speakers to visiting filmmaker screenings to nationally televised debates.

Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media Peeler Art Center
Peeler Art Center Auditorium Watson Forum

Finally, the Film Studies Film Series screens an average of twelve critically-acclaimed films a year at Ashley Square Cinemas. These screenings often include post-film discussions where students can further engage with the film and its content, with DePauw faculty, visiting scholars, community members, and/or visiting filmmakers.

Ashley Square Cinemas

Equipment Checkout Form.pdf

Public Performance Rights