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Topics in Film Cultures and Traditions

Film Studies majors must take at least one course that focuses on a particular film culture or tradition, such as those listed below. (Please check current schedule of courses for descriptions and availability in a given semester.)

These courses offer intensive examination of specific issues in film cultures and traditions, often those at the center of current critical interest. ​ FILM 241 and 321 course topics are conceived broadly to encompass studies of national cinemas, specific directors, filmmaking practices, and specific genres. They may be repeated for credit with a different topic. Please note that FILM 241 and 321 may be cross-listed with course numbers from other departments (such as ENG 255, ML 164, and ARTH 290).

FILM 241: African American Film
FILM 241: Iran and Middle Eastern Cinema
FILM 241: China on Screen
FILM 241:  Contemporary Asian Cinema
FILM 311: Topics in Gender, Sexuality and Cinema
FILM 321:  Advanced Topics in Cinema
ENG 255: Black Culture in Fiction, Film and TV
ENG 255: American Screen Comedy
ENG 255: Holocaust Literature and Film
ML 164: French Cinema
ML 164: Italian Film: Neorealism to Today
ML 164: Cinema of the Middle East
ENG 264: Women in Film
ARTH 290: African Film
ASIA 290: Japanese Cinema/Anime
ANTH 290: Documentary Film