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GRMN 118

Germany Today

This course will introduce you to contemporary German culture and society. What does it mean to be a German? Is there such a thing as German culture? By closely examining a variety of texts and other media (film, music, contemporary art) we will try to understand what is means to live in today's Germany. How do Germans and recent immigrants perceive daily life in Germany? What are the societal issues Germans are confronted with (migration, gender roles, power structures, family life, environmental pollution, etc)? Are these issues specific to Germans and Germany or are these global issues that impact people around the world? How does life in Germany compare to life in the USA? By closely examining contemporary German culture and society, we will also gain new insights into our own culture and society. You will be introduced to a wide variety of topics, some of which you will study in more detail in upper-level courses. Course offered in English.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science- or -Global Learning 1 course

Fall Semester information

Inge Aures

118A: Germany Today (taught in English)