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GRMN 306

German Studies Through The Disciplines

An investigation that situates knowledge from other disciplines within a German cultural and linguistic context. Close analysis of a case study or case studies of places where other disciplines touch German Studies, in their origins, development, or application. Depending on enrollment, can meet either individually or seminar-style as a group, but in any case with a significant independent and interdisciplinary research component. Examples include the notion of sustainability (in its original and/or present German context), the economics of the German social market economy, Weimar Republic Film, Kantian philosophy, Neuroscience research in Germany, etc. German texts will be included consonant with the German ability of each student. Prerequisite: GRMN 212 or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Language GRMN 212 or permission of instructor 1 course

Fall Semester information

Howard Pollack-Milgate

306A: German Studies Through The Disciplines