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Italian At DePauw

Why Study Italian today?

Italian isn't just the most beautiful language in the world. It's also...


The Italian courses we offer at DePauw promote not only language and literature, but also an interdisciplinary approach to intellectual problems and a global understanding of Italian culture and its interaction with the western world. A student may choose to complement his studies of the Italian language within a larger perspective on an intellectual problem, such as Renaissance History, World Literature, Art History, Music and Opera, Western philosophy, Classical Studies, and Romance languages. Gaining proficiency in Italian means a lot more than just learning a language. It will widen your horizons, and most of all it will give you access to your own world from a different point of view.


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Italy, through the unbeaten path, with professors who will lead you to some of the most beautiful places on Earth? Faculty-lead programs to Italy are just one of the opportunities the Italian program will offer. 

Consider the chance to spend the summer in intensive programs at DePauw or abroad, to spend a semester in Italy to teach Italian at an elementary school, to take a position of leadership at the Italian Club, to tutor for the unique Italian Learning Center, to belong to a diverse group of students from many different disciplines, to interact with Italians in and out of class, and to collaborate with faculty in scholarly projects.


Are you interested in a career in Management, Music, Medicine, Law, Journalism, Creative Writing, Theater, Education or Music and think that Italian has nothing to do with it?  Think again. Italy plays a major role today in worldwide economy, scientific discoveries, medicine, political diplomacy and national security. Proficiency in Italian will foster an international perspective, refine your critical thinking skills, and grant you a more insightful analysis of global intellectual problems. Knowledge of Italian language and culture will give your résumé a cutting edge that will transform you in a top candidate in today’s competitive job market