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Fellowships & Awards

A select list of awards is included below. Further details about the awards can be found on the award websites. 

Some awards require an application through DePauw. These are noted by the DePauw Deadline. Nonetheless, students are strongly encouraged to begin work on applications well in advance of the national deadline.

Major external fellowships & awards
Other fellowships & awards: searchable databases and websites 
DePauw special funding opportunities

Opportunities not requiring US citizenshi
Other funding sources 

Other Fellowships & Awards: Searchable Databases and Websites

Many other fellowships and awards exist. If you find one, you are strongly encouraged to bring the information to the fellowship adviser to determine eligibility and resources to help you apply.

DePauw special funding opportunities

Many students are looking for additional funding to suppor their cost of education at DePauw. While there are a few external awards that support DePauw on-campus cost of attendance (e.g., Goldwater) the vast majority of external awards support expenses away from campus (e.g., study abroad, competitive summer internships). For resources to help with the on-campus cost of attendance, please inquire with the Office of Financial Aid. 

The Hubbard Center for Student Engagement has additional funding for unpaid summer internships and professional development funding. You can contact them at

Opportunities not requiring US citizenship

There are a number of awards that do not require US citizenship as part of the eligibility requirements. The following resources have been compiled by fellowship and award advisers across the country and are shared here. 

Awards that accept applications from non-US citizens 
Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) 
Dream Education Empowerment Program
10 Scholarship Resources open for Undocumented Students
International Education Financial Aid
International Scholarship Search

* Please note, the DePauw fellowship adviser has not fully reviewed these opportunities to verify their eligibility criteria or validity. Please be sure to carefully review them and ask for guidance from the fellowship adviser.

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Other Funding Sources

Study Abroad Scholarships
Postgraduate Service Learning Opportunities
The Access  Group

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