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Sustainability at DePauw

The Office of Sustainability creates opportunities for student-driven environmental initiatives; educates campus about how the environment (and its long-term health) intersect with societal well-being; supports institutional-initiatives that demonstrate the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

 Founded in 2008, we are proud of the leadership tools we provide to allow students and others create change. Whether it's students helping start our Move Out program (profiled on National Public Radio) or presenting to 1,000 high school students about sustainability initiatives, we seek to allow everyone to meet their fullest potential.

Most recently, students helped craft the proposal to create the Ullem Family Campus Farm and Center for Sustainability, a significant new initiative to create a nationally-recognized campus farm and sustainability program. Please contact our office to find out how you can be given the tools to advance environmental initiatives at DePauw University.

-Malorie Imhoff, Director, Center of Sustainability

-Joseph Garbe, Assistant Director of Sustainability & Campus Farm Manager