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Meet Our Alumni

Class of 2019

Coco Bernard Coco Bernard

Major: Global Health
Minor: Anthropology

Hometown: Northbrook, IL
Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program

Connor Berry Connor Berry

Major: Urban Studies

Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Bonner Scholar

Regan Giesting Regan Giesting

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Biology

Favorite Environmentalist: Rachel Carson 
Favorite Time of Year: Shark Week!

Kiara Goodwine Kiara Goodwine

Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: French
Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Prindle Intern
Honor Scholar

Antoinette Huber Antoinette Huber

Major: Urban Studies

Pet: A turtle named Latista
Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program

Emmanuel Kwakye Emmanuel Kwakye

Major: Environmental Biology

Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program

Summer intern with Heritage Environmental Services in Indianapolis, IN

Vy Le Vy Le

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Future Aspirations: Environmental scientist and environmental consultant

Nicole Pasho Nicole Pasho

Major: History
Minor: Environmental Geoscience

Favorite Destination:  California
Summer intern with EcoPeace Middle East in Amman, Jordan (2018)

Rafael Robert Rafael Robert

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Spanish

Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Interest: Organic Farming

Danielle Smith Danielle Smith

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Chemistry

Member of the Women's Golf Team

Maddi Stern Maddi Stern

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Anthropology

Member of the Women's Lacrosse Team

Anna Werkowski Anna Werkowski

Major: Environmental Biology
Minor: Philosophy

Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Future Aspirations:  Environmental Lawyer

Class of 2018

Haley Chute Haley Chute

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Asian Studies

DePauw Environmental Club
Hometown: Hinsdale, IL

Annie Dixon Annie Dixon

Majors: Environmental Biology & Interdisciplinary Urban Ecology

Favorite Animal:  Shark
Summer Research Experience:  "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Indiana Streams" with DePauw Professor Sarah Lee

Lucas Eckrich Lucas Eckrich

Majors: History & Political Science

Hometown: Greencastle, IN
Practicum: Summer research with Prof. Benegal on the impact of partisan polarization on public support for renewable energy.

Sarah Farmer Sarah Farmer

Major: Geology & Studio Art

Hometown: Ijamsville, MD

Molly Madden Molly Madden

Major: Philosophy and Environmental Biology

Favorite Book:  Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner 
Practicum: Summer internship in Madagascar at Centre Valbio with their Reforestation, Education, and Community Development project

Kelsie Roberton Kelsie Roberton

Major: Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

Favorite Food: Guacamole
Off-Campus Study: A semester in Australia with the School for International Training (SIT): Sustainability and Environmental Action

Mary Satterthwaite Mary Satterthwaite

Major: Spanish

Worked with the Greencastle Sustainability Commission 2014
Practicum: Summer internship as a Naturalist at the Glacier Institute in Glacier National Park

Class of 2017

Christine Cassidy Christine Cassidy

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH
Practicum: Research at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Gabrielle Jensen Gabrielle Jensen

Major: Environmental Geoscience

Favorite Animal:  Blue Whale
Favorite Singer: John Mayer

Megan McCann Megan McCann

Major: Environmental Biology
Minor: Geology

Hometown: Blue Ash, OH
Study Abroad Experience: Semester in Madagascar researching lemurs

Madeline Piscetta Madeline Piscetta

Major: Environmental Geoscience
Minor: Music

Member of the Sustainability Leadership Program
Practicum: Summer internship at the World Wildlife Fund in Washington D.C.

Annie Wyman Annie Wyman

Major: Political Science
Minor: Economics 

Practicum: Semester abroad with the School for International Training: Social and Political Transformation program in Durban, South Africa.

Class of 2016

Kojo Addaquay Kojo Addaquay

Major: Environmental Geoscience

Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Future Aspiration:  Environmental Lawyer
Practicum: DePauw's Solid Waste Working Group

Ellen Buening Ellen Buening

Major: Biology

"I'm interested in environmental issues that effect public health."
Future Aspiration:  Surgeon
Practicum: Summer Intern at Bose Public Affairs, Indianapolis 

Gabrielle Duong Gabrielle Duong

Major: Biology
Phobias:  Stinging Insects and Zombies
Practicum: Summer Research in Costa Rica at Cloudbridge Nature Preserve studying the frequency and distribution of fruit feeding butterflies in a Costa Rican cloud forest

Ashley Junger Ashley Junger

Majors: Biology & English Literature
Practicum: Chief Science Officer with Water For Panama
"The best part of my internship was the tangibility of the impact my work was having.  I could see and name the kids that have or will soon have clean water because of the work of the organization with which I was working."

Jessica Keister Jessica Keister

Major: Anthropology

Practicum: Semester Study Abroad with the School for Field Studies (SFS) in Costa Rica

Lauren Van Fleet Lauren Van Fleet

Major: Environmental Geoscience

Semester Study Abroad program in New Zealand 
Practicum: Indiana Dunes Learning Center Volunteer

Sarah White Sarah White

Major: Environmental Geoscience

Practicum: Semester Study Abroad with the School for Field Studies (SFS) in Costa Rica

Class of 2015

Lief Anderson

Elizabeth Dilbone

Curt Hardacre

Forrest Kunkel

Sally Qiu

Anna Urso

Erin Walsworth


Class of 2014

Laura Crawford

Shannon Crosby

Lauren Krumwiede

Sam Leist

Oksana Polhuy

Jacquelyn Stephens