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Test-Optional FAQs

As a University with a mission focused on diversity, inclusion and access, DePauw engages in a holistic review of applicants. The test-optional alternative allows us to consider student strengths that may be demonstrated in areas other than ACT or SAT scores.

Who can apply test-optional?

All first-year domestic and international students enrolled in a public, private, or charter school may apply without their test scores.


How can I indicate that I want to apply without my test scores?

On the application for admission, you will be asked if you wish to have you test scores included in the admission review process. If you select no, you will be reviewed as a test-optional applicant.


Who cannot apply?

Homeschool students cannot apply as a test-optional candidate. 


Will I still be considered for a University merit-scholarship if I apply without my test scores?

Yes. Should you choose to apply without test scores, you will still be considered for admissions merit-based scholarships.


What if I submitted my test scores to DePauw before applying and wish to apply without them?

While those test scores will remain in the system, they will not be used or viewed in the admission decision process. If you apply as a test-optional candidate, the scores will not be viewed in the process. 


If I enroll at DePauw, will I need to submit my test scores to DePauw? 

Yes. We ask that students submit their test scores from SAT/ACT if they do enroll at DePauw so that we can use them in research as we continue to evaluate the test-optional program. They will not be used for any other purposes.


 If I applied to DePauw and was admitted without my test scores, can I later submit my test scores for consideration? 

Once an admission decision has been made, you cannot switch your application from applying test-optional to a test applicant. If you do have scores you want to submit, you can do so since we will require you to submit them to us if you enroll at DePauw. However, your application status will still be reflected as a test-optional applicant.