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The Green Center for the Performing Arts is a beautiful space located in Greencastle, Indiana. The space is home to the School of Music, Theatre Department, and Communications Department as they all work together to create a thriving space for learning and performing. The building holds 4 performance venues that host around 100 performances every year from masterclasses to mainstage productions! Alongside the performance spaces, it is also home to a variety of music creation spaces, such as the Electronic Experimentation Lab and the Recording Studio!

Performance Spaces


This outstanding, two-story facility can accommodate just over 1330 people. Featuring a main floor, curved balcony, and accessible seating, Kresge Auditorium features interior brick walls with warm blue and grey carpeting and seating that were renovated in 2020. The spacious stage is framed in striking natural oak paneling and accented with scarlet curtains. Kresge Auditorium serves as the performance space for the Green Guest Artist series, as well as DePauw University's band, choirs and orchestra. In addition, it houses the magnificent J. Stanford Smith concert organ.


With a capacity of 365, Moore Theatre features a wrap-around stage.  The Theatre's lower level includes rooms for properties, costume design and storage, make-up, scenery construction and storage, laundry spaces, and dressing rooms.  This facility is home to the annual DePauw Theatre and DePauw Opera productions. Moore Theatre offers three stages, a scene shop, dressing rooms, and a full orchestra pit. The fixed seating, carpet, lighting, and curtains were renovated in 2018.


With seating for 220, Thompson Recital Hall features a semicircular stage.  The Hall is enhanced by oak paneling and newly renovated seating and carpet.  Thompson Recital Hall is a wonderful venue for chamber music concerts and solo recitals. It features a 40-foot semi-circular stage with a Von-Beckerath organ.


Kerr Theatre is DePauw's very own blackbox theatre. The easily adjustable space is ideal for student productions, intimate rehearsals, and creative designs. The space is located directly across from Moore Theatre, allowing it to be easily used in association with the amenities unique to Moore Theatre (e.g. the green room, dressing rooms, costume shop, and scene shop.)


Community Engagement Space

Music on the Square

Music on the Square is a small community-focused space on the lovely Greencastle Square. This space features an open plan that can be arranged to form a stage, a music-making circle, or any other design to fit the various events it hosts!

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Music Creation Spaces

Electronic Experimentation Lab

Located in Room 0168, the EEL is a place for students to explore various aspects of digital music! We regularly host lectures, hang-outs, and collaboration days to give students opportunities to create music together!

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Music Instructional Technology Center

The Music Instructional Technology Center (MITC) offers the University community opportunities to explore computer music technologies for composition, performance, and research, and provides a variety of digital audio services to assist teaching, learning and research for the School of Music and other departments.

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Recording Studio

The recording studio is located in the center of the Green Center for the Performing Arts. In the studio, there is a large recording room, a small recording room/isolated booth, and a control room. There are soundproof windows peering into the studio from the Great Hall and there are double paned windows between the 3 rooms within the studio. The recording studio is designed with state-of-the-art soundproofing walls that reflect sound in a way that adds very little reverberation and does not introduce phasing issues. This, along with our high fidelity recording equipment, allow for very accurate recordings.

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