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Our Story

Why Music @ DePauw?


Our top priority at DePauw University School of Music:


We Champion 21st-Century Musicians


But what exactly does that entail? At DePauw, we believe a 21st-Century Musician embraces five large-scale objectives. Click on a value below to explore what each means to us.


But Wait, There’s More…


In addition to our insistence on cultivating 21st-Century Musicians, a few other features that make our program remarkable include:

  1. Personalized attention. Thanks to DePauw’s small class sizes, everyone here truly matters.
  2. Undergrad only. DePauw University does not offer graduate programs, allowing undergraduates exclusive access to lead opera roles, performing concertos with the orchestra, playing principal roles, and so much more.
  3. Faculty engagement. Our world-class faculty (not graduate assistants) teach all courses at DePauw, providing students direct and plentiful access to experts recognized in their fields.