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Recording Studio

The recording studio is located in the center of the Green Center for the Performing Arts. In the studio, there is a large recording room, a small recording room/isolated booth, and a control room. There are soundproof windows peering into the studio from the Great Hall and there are double paned windows between the 3 rooms within the studio. The recording studio is designed with state-of-the-art soundproofing walls that reflect sound in a way that adds very little reverberation and does not introduce phasing issues. This, along with our high fidelity recording equipment, allow for very accurate recordings.

Students can access the recording studio by contacting the staff recording engineer and submitting a proposal for their recording project. Recording sessions are granted on a first come-first serve basis based on the availability of the staff recording engineer and their student employees.

The recording studio is used to create high quality audio recordings of many different types of music, including but not limited to, jazz, classical, and pop. There is also the ability to record video from multiple camera angles to create music videos.