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DePauw Figures (Twice) in One of Kentucky's Longest Basketball Losing Streaks

DePauw Figures (Twice) in One of Kentucky's Longest Basketball Losing Streaks

February 15, 2018

"In the long and storied history of Kentucky basketball, there have been losing streaks of five or more games only five times. It’s happened only twice since 1925," Jerry Tipton writes in today's Lexington Herald-Leader. "After losing 76-66 at Auburn Wednesday night, Kentucky must beat Alabama at home Saturday to avoid making the wrong and rare kind of history."

Tipton notes that UK lost nine straight in 1923, the program's longest string of losses to date. He writes, "UK also lost six straight in 1910 (DePauw, at Central, at Georgetown, at Cincinnati, at DePauw and at Rose Poly Technic) and five straight in 1924-25 (Indiana, Michigan, at Cincinnati, at Illinois and at Wabash)."

Kentucky head coach John Calipari says, "The good news is I’ve done this for 30 years. I haven’t had one of these for awhile. It’s probably good for the soul. I wish it was good for somebody else’s soul. And not mine."

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The first Tiger triumph, a 24-11 outcome, came January 24, 1910 at UK's Buell Armory.  Charlie Crick led DePauw with 10 points with the Tigers' "excellent team work outclassing the State University boys," according to the Lexington Leader.

In a February 9, 1910 game, which was played at the Greencastle Opera House, DePauw and coach Arthur Brown topped the Wildcats, 28-16.  The Tigers were led by Crick and Banty Dale, who scored 10 points each. 

The Indianapolis News reported, "The Methodists showed superior knowledge of the game and skill in caging goals. The visitors were not very strong on team work and were unable to chalk many scores when they got shots at the basket. The feature of the game was Crick's accurate goal tossing . He missed only one free throw out of nine chances."