Long Friendship Between Professor and Former Student Leads to Dual Exhibition in Indianapolis

Long Friendship Between Professor and Former Student Leads to Dual Exhibition in Indianapolis

April 15, 2002

April 15, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - An exhibit called "Pastel & Porcelain," now on display at Ruschman Art Gallery in Indianapolis, features "pastels and porcelains by artists Jane Everhart and David Herrold, [and] reveals just how lively and virile works done in those media can be," writes S.L. Berry in the Indianapolis Star.

The story, entitled "Pastel & Porcelain mix happily" continues, "This is a show about the Earth as viewed through the eyes of a pair of artists in control of their media. It's also a show about the value of the bonds that sometimes form between students and teachers. When Everhart was studying art as an undergraduate at DePauw University in Greencastle in the early 1970s, Herrold was her instructor. They've stayed in touch over the years, and when gallery owner Mark Ruschman talked to Everhart about doing an exhibition of her new work, she suggested that he include Herrold's work as well."starlogo

The Star article is accompanied by a Everhart's pastel "October Treeline," which is seen at the top of this story as well. Berry praises Everhart's pastel landscapes as "vivid, assertive images that radiate nature's vitality," and calls Herrold's porcelain works "Sculptural and muscular, they illustrate that in the hands of a master, there are few limits to what can be done with a particular medium."

Gallery owner Ruschman tells the newspaper "It's rare for an artist to suggest sharing the spotlight that comes with a solo show. Not only was Jane happy to do it, but it was her idea in the first place." The Star's Berry notes, "For Everhart, it was simply a matter of giving credit where credit was due. She met Herrold during her first year at DePauw -- which also happened to be his first year on the faculty.

Everhart, a 1976 DePauw graduate, told the writer, "I took ceramics and sculpture from David. He is very curious about things, and he used to push me in directions I might not have thought of going with projects I was working on." Berry adds, "While Everhart eventually chose pastels over ceramics, she never forgot Herrold's support of her effort to become an artist. That support became the basis of a friendship that has spanned 30 years -- and that is the foundation for their dual exhibition."

The exhibit continues through May 11 at Ruschman Art Gallery, 948 N. Alabama Street in Indianapolis. For more information, call the gallery at (317) 634-3114. You can read the Star article in its entirety by clicking here