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Purchasing and Payables

Authorized employees have the following options for purchasing goods and services for DePauw:

Commercial Card - The purchase of goods, travel fees, meals, hotels, publications, and printing services (typically less than $1,000) can be made using a Commercial Card.  When possible, the Commercial Card is to be used when making purchases with local vendors.

Purchase Order - The purchase of goods, printing and publications (typically $1,000 or more) should be made by completing a purchase request and purchase order.  A purchase order is to be issued for service contracts, office furniture, equipment, and computer equipment not purchased by using a Commercial Card and the established procedures.

Check Requisitions - Conference fees can be processed using this method, but the preferable method is Commercial Card.  Use a check request for payment of amounts over $1,000 if an invoice has been issued by the vendor.

Check Request for Reimbursement to an Employee - Miscellaneous cash expenses incurred while traveling are processed using this method.

Please note the following items regarding purchasing goods and services for the University

  • The University has negotiated with various vendors and has contracts in place for the purchase of office supplies, catering services, vehicle rental.  
  • The University is a 501(c)(3) organization and is therefore exempt from sales tax in many instances.  When making purchases, vendors should be provided with the tax exempt number from the University. 
  • Authorization to purchase on behalf of DePauw is granted by the divisional Vice President and is subject to available budget resources.
  • The purchase of goods and services on behalf of the University, including the document types, dollar limits established and approval process required are governed by University policies and procedures.