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Purchasing and Payables

Authorized employees have the following options for purchasing goods and services for DePauw:

Commercial Card - The purchase of goods, travel fees, meals, hotels, publications, and printing services can be made using a Commercial Card.  When possible, the Commercial Card is to be used when making purchases with vendors.

Purchase Order - The purchase of goods, printing and publications (typically $1,000 or more) should be made by completing a purchase request and purchase order.  A purchase order is to be issued for service contracts, office furniture, equipment, and computer equipment not purchased by using a Commercial Card and the established procedures.

Payment Requisitions - Conference fees can be processed using this method, but the preferable method is Commercial Card.

Payment Request for Reimbursement to an Employee - Miscellaneous cash expenses incurred while traveling are processed using this method.

Office Depot:  To create Department access for these purchases, contact the Business Office at

Amazon Business:  Please contact the Business Office to have an Amazon Business account set up for your area, a department email address is needed to set up the account.  An individual's email can only be used if there is no department email.  Individuals must not use their DPU email for personal accounts as this causes a conflict and violation with the University's sales tax exemption.


Please note the following items regarding purchasing goods and services for the University

  • The University has negotiated with various vendors and has contracts in place for the purchase of office supplies, catering services, vehicle rental.  
  • The University is a 501(c)(3) organization and is therefore exempt from sales tax in many instances.  When making purchases, vendors should be provided with the tax exempt number from the University. 
  • Authorization to purchase on behalf of DePauw is granted by the divisional Vice President and is subject to available budget resources.
  • The purchase of goods and services on behalf of the University, including the document types, dollar limits established and approval process required are governed by University policies and procedures.