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Central Receiving

Central Receiving is located at the University Service Center - 300 W Hill St. It is open Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm.

All products and equipment ordered by the Purchasing Office are to be delivered to Central Receiving for check-in. The Receiving Office employees will carefully inspect orders and contact the requesting office / department with any questions. The Receiving Office will contact the vendor if damage or discrepancies are discovered during the inspection process of the order upon delivery to our dock by the carrier. Notations will be written on all documents accompanying the order and that information will be shared with the appropriate offices/departments. The requesting office is also responsible for contacting the Receiving Office and/or vendor if upon their inspecting the order there is found to be incorrect merchandise, defective materials, concealed damages, etc. Unless the Receiving Office and Business Services Office are notified of the order being received that there is a problem, then the Business Services Office will release payment of the vendor's invoice(s). 

All containers and contents that are in question should be held by the office/department until an acceptable resolution is reached with either the transporting company or vendor.  The Receiving Office can assist with the return of any containers and contents to the vendor once the office/department is satisfied with the negotiated resolution and/or replacement(s) received.

Any questions, feel free to call Brian Miller (765)658-4835.