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DePauw has contracted with CASHNet to provide student account e-commerce services. This includes electronic issuance of student account statements, the ability to make payments by bank account, credit card, 529 Plan or foreign currency and the ability to participate in an installment payment plan, and a view of recent activity.



Students are able to log in to CASHNet directly from e-Services.  Simply click on the "CASHNet (billing/payments)" link under the “Financial” tab.

 Payers (parents, guardians, third parties)

CASHNet allows students to grant parents or other authorized users access to make payments, view payment history, and account balances. To grant access, students will select “Send payer invitation” from their profile on CASHNet. Complete the required information (including appropriate access) and an e-mail will automatically be sent to the individual with a user name and temporary password.

 Payers can access the site directly by going to www.depauw.edu/thirdpartypay