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Student Post Office

Located in the Lower Level of the Hubbard Center

The Student Post Office receives all incoming mail for the student body and provides a variety of mail related services. Students are assigned a personal mail box (UB Box) which remains theirs for their entire time at DePauw. Students can access their UB box number and the combination by logging into e-Services and checking under the Campus Life section. All UB boxes should be kept locked and secured as DePauw University is not responsible for loss or damage to any mail items. Students should never leave their UB Box open and should spin the dial when they close the door to reset the lock. Students should check their UB Box regularly and remove mail items. Boxes are small and are not designed as storage. Student’s whose mail exceeds the capacity of their mail box will receive a notification and mail may be returned to sender.


Please note that you will still receive interdepartmental and campus mail via your UB box.  You should check it regularly even if you have your regular mail sent to your Greek address.



Normal hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 1 PM to 4:30 PM, Year round


Special hours of operation for Spring 2018:

Monday, January 29th thru Friday, February 2, 2018     8 AM to 4:30 PM



Receiving Mail and Packages

All packages and Regular postal mail comes directly to DePauw.   All mail items, including packages, sent to students must be addressed as follows:

Student’s name

UB # __________

408 S. Locust Street

Greencastle, IN 46135

Students must bring their DePauw issued Student I.D. to receive any packages. 

 When packages are processed, students will receive an email with the subject line PACKAGE RECEIPT NOTIFICATION from to advise them of a package ready for pick up. Students should add the above email address to their contacts so that is it not filtered to spam. Students should NOT come to the Student Post Office when they are notified of a delivery by a carrier or shipper and should wait until they receive the email indicated above. Packages are not always immediately available as we receive large quantiles and it takes times to process them to ensure they are delivered to the correct student. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. While we will be happy to check for you if you’ve not received an email, this can delay your package being processed. 

If a student is unable to pick up a package they may authorize another student to pick up the package for them by  emailing The authorized student will need to present their own DePauw issued ID to retrieve the package.

All packages will be held for a time frame of two weeks, then returned to sender. A second email notification will be sent prior to a package being returned. Please remember that a student must present their DePauw issued ID to pick up any package. We do have carts available for borrowing to transport multiple, large or heavy parcels. These may be borrowed by leaving a driver’s license, cell phone or other item as collateral.

Interdepartmental mail may be sent to any student via their UB Box. Please bring the item, with a return address, directly to the Student Post Office or place it in any outgoing campus mail location. All mail will be treated  confidentially. 

Services Offered

Students may purchase First Class domestic and International Stamps at the Student Post Office. They may also purchase envelopes. Please note that these sales are cash only. We do not accept the DePauw card.

Prices are as follows:

** First Class stamp - .50

** International First Class stamp – 1.15

** Regular size number 10 Envelope - .10

** Large size 9 x 12 envelope - .25

Students may also drop off any outgoing packages at the Student Post Office that have properly applied prepaid labels. We accept packages for USPS, UPS , DHL and Fed Ex.

Contact Us

The Student Post Office may be reached by email at

Concerns or suggestions should be sent to

Our direct number is 765-658- 4367.

The Student Post Office is managed by the Mail Center Manager, Angela Thompson, and she may be reached at 765-658- 4020 or via email at