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Student Organizations

The Business Office maintains funds for University sponsored student organizations.  Please note the following regarding these accounts:

Signature Card

All organizations need to have a current signature card on file in the Business Office which includes signatures from the organization’s treasurer, president and advisor.  As these individuals change, a new card must be completed.  These forms are available in the Business Office.

Payments to Vendors/Expense Reimbursements

In order to process a payment/reimbursement from the organization’s account, a “Student Organizations Fund Voucher” needs to be completed with appropriate signatures and original, itemized receipts being attached.  Voucher books can be picked up in the Business Office.  Vouchers must be turned in to the Business Office by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday for payment on the following Friday.  Students should request a W-9 be completed by all new vendors for tax purposes.  Payment will not be processed until a W-9 is on file in the Business Office.

Cash Advances

Cash advances can be made to a student when making purchases for an event.  Once purchases are made, a voucher needs to be completed with the proper documentation of how those funds were spent (original, itemized receipts).  If purchases were made over the cash advance amount, a reimbursement will be processed.  If all the funds were not spent, that amount needs to be returned with the voucher.  However, all cash advances made for an individual organization must be turned in prior to issuing another cash advance for another student. 

Balance Information

Students and advisors can have access in Business e-Services to see the balance and activity of the student organization account.  An email needs to be sent to the Business Office at by the advisor of the organization listing the students and their student ID numbers requesting access to be added.  As students are no longer an officer and as advisors change, that information also needs to be sent to the Business Office at to have their access removed.