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Greek Billing and Payments

DePauw processes the billing and payments for several Greek organizations.  Students living in Greek houses who participate in the University billing program will have charges added to their student invoice.  Charges are submitted to the University by a House representative and payments received are applied as follows:

  • All financial aid is first posted to tuition charges per Federal regulations.  The residual is then applied to housing and any other remaining balance.
  • Payments received directly from students are applied based upon the request of the student.  If the check or accompanying correspondence includes any direction for utilization of the funds, those directions are followed.  If the payment has no guidance for application, the payment is applied, in a prorated manner, to the University balance and the Greek balance.
  • Funds received from 4 Month Payment Plan are applied to the University balance first, with the residual going to the Greek balance.  This process is an electronic import that does not allow a pro-ration of receipts.
  • If an overpayment is made to the Greek house, the credit can either be carried forward to pay future fees or a refund may be issued by the Greek house. 

If a Greek balance is past due (not paid within 30 days of statement generation), the student account will be considered delinquent and subject to University policies and procedures.