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Dental Care Plan

Delta Dental manages the DePauw's dental benefit.

Members may receive dental care from any licensed dentist*.  However, members will receive a higher level of benefits when covered services are obtained from a Delta Dental PPO Network dentist.

Deductible. $50 Deductible per person total per Benefit Year limited to a maximum Deductible of $150 per family per Benefit Year. The Deductible does not apply to diagnostic and preventive services, emergency palliative treatment, brush biopsy, X-rays, sealants, and periodontal maintenance.

Maximum Payment.  $1,250 per person total per Benefit Year on all services, except orthodontic services. $1,000 per person total per lifetime on orthodontic services.


Dental 2024 Monthly Premiums
Employee Only $16.57 $17.25
Employee + Spouse $32.32 $29.97
Employee + Child(ren) $44.09 $36.30
Family $64.02 $59.22



* When you receive services from a Nonparticipating Dentist, the percentages shown on summary of benefits indicate the portion of Delta Dental's Nonparticipating Dentist Fee that will be paid for those services. This amount may be less than what the Dentist charges or Delta Dental approves and you are responsible for that difference.