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Jeane Pope Jeane Pope Director of Sustainability she/her/hers

Dr. Jeanette Pope joined the Department of Geosciences at DePauw University in 2002 and is now a full Professor and the Director of the Ullem Campus Farm and Center for Sustainability. She teaches several environmental geoscience courses, including hydrogeology and environmental science seminar, as well as a First-Year Seminar entitled “Campus Sustainability 101.” She intends for her classes to be pathways for students to develop sophisticated understandings of the interacting physical, chemical, biological, and social systems that govern our planet in order to understand how planetary boundary conditions should inform human behavior.  As a self-described “tree hugger,” Jeane is also personally motivated to provide students of all disciplinary backgrounds not only the knowledge and skills that they can use to envision an environmentally just and sustainable world, but also the courage and fortitude to work towards their vision. Her research interests involve using the university campus as a living laboratory for sustainable systems. As such, she actively works with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help promote and advance sustainability activities on campus, both in and out of the classroom.  

Catherine Fisher Catherine Fisher Campus Farm Manager and Assistant Director of Sustainability she/her/hers

Catherine is a DePauw graduate who majored in English Writing. She was an Environmental Fellow and member of the Sustainability Leadership Program where she worked at the farm as an intern and summer Ullem Fellow. Catherine finds an incredible sense of purpose from connecting with people and her local environment and sees the farm as a location for both to happen. She loves that it's a place where anyone, regardless of their background experience, can feel the power and joy of growing their own food, giving new life to the land, watching the seasons change, or just pausing from daily business to work with their hands and enjoy the sun.