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Fire Safety

Awareness, Prevention and Education

DePauw University strives to provide a safe environment regarding Fire Safety as well as educational programming. The campus is comprised of both University-owned facilities, residential and non-residential, as well as privately owned Greek Chapter Houses.

If a fire has occurred, report immediately to:

  • 911

  • DePauw Police Department (765) 658-5555

Incidents are investigated by the Greencastle Fire Department and the DePauw Police Department

Dangerous Conditions

Any dangerous condition of facilities or behavior should be reported immediately to:

  • Facilities Management  765-658-4233
  • Campus Living and Community Development 765-658-4500
  • DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555

Fire Suppression systems

Systems vary by building and are detailed in a report provided by our Facilities Management Office  

Additional Information regarding Fire Safety:

Fire Inspection Procedures

Each year, the Greencastle Fire Department performs scheduled fire safety code inspections at DePauw University, in compliance with current Indiana Fire Code. The annual inspections include all residential units (residence halls, duplexes, apartment buildings, and Greek houses). On even-numbered years, all DePauw owned non-residential buildings are also inspected in addition to the annual residential living unit inspections. The DePauw Facilities Management Inspector accompanies the Greencastle Fire Inspector on every inspection. The inspections begin on the Monday following the last day of school and then continue into the first week of August. Notification of violations and/or safety recommendations will be made via an inspection sheet. The sheet will contain the needed corrections with a time frame for compliance. This sheet is given to Facilities Management for properties owned by the University and to the owner or designee of other student housing units, such as Greek Chapter facilities. If violations persist, notification will also be made to the DePauw Police Department. Periodic follow-up inspections are conducted as incidents or reported concerns may require.

Inspections may also be conducted in non-scheduled situations; if information supports a fire safety hazard is present. The University Facilities Management Office oversees bids and contracts for the inspection of all fire safety and suppression systems.

The schedule for inspections and contractors are noted below. Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Extinguishers and Fire Alarm panels are inspected annually each March.

These inspections are conducted by Johnson Controls/Simplex/Grinnell www.simplexgrinnell.com/ Sprinklers, Kitchen Hoods and Fire Suppression systems are tested semi-annually each July and December by the Grunau Co. www.grunau.com/fire.html Information inquiries about the University inspection process may be directed to Facilities Management at 765-658-4233.

Information inquiries about the Fire safety inspections program of Greencastle Fire Department may be directed to The Greencastle Fire Department. 

Fire Log

Information regarding responses to fire alarms on campus may be found in our Activity Log.