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Humbert Hall

Humbert Hall is a large, First-Year residence hall located in South Quad

Humbert Hall is a large, first-year residence halls built in 1989. Humbert Hall houses 130 first-year students on three floors. The first floor of Humbert has two lounges, a kitchen, a game room, and two study rooms. Each floor has an area for recycling and an area for students to do dishes. Additionally, each floor of Humbert has two lounges that students use for studying and socializing. Each floor on Humbert has two First-Year Resident Assistants that are in place to assist students with the transition to DePauw.

Room dimensions & Additional Information

Humbert Hall
17'10" x 18'2" 13'1" x 17'10" 11'5" x 20'2"
Room Numbers:
211, 212, 311, 312,
411, 412
Room Numbers:
205, 206, 217, 218, 305, 306,
317, 318, 405, 406, 417, 418
All Additional Rooms
are this size
Humbert Hall has 60 double-occupancy rooms.


Humbert Hall