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Course Requests and Registration

Course requests and registration occurs each semester and in two phases the summer for incoming first-year students. The online procedures and information are handled through the Registrar's Office. Advising and guidance occur in advising conversations with faculty advisors.

Advising Week

The week after Fall Break and Spring Break is Advising Week.  Students should communicate with their faculty advisor(s) about their goals and plans in a face-to-face conversation.

Advising appointments are most productive when students come prepared to discuss not only their short-term plans for courses they would like to take the following semester, but also long-term plans for experiences that will enhance their DePauw education such as Winter Term, off-campus study, internships, summer research, or employment.

If students have difficulty making contacting with their faculty advisor, students with declared majors should contact the department chair or program director.  Students without majors should contact Kelley Hall, Associate Dean of Academic Life.

Course Requests and Scheduling

Students' schedules are created with a registration program that processes their course requests in a large database rather than through direct enrollment in a course.  Direct enrollment in courses occurs during the adjustment period.  Students receive detailed information about course requests in an email from the Registrar's Office each semester a day or two before Fall Break or Spring Break.

Students should be effective and strategic in their course requests.  The following resources are most helpful in preparing for an advising appointment with a faculty advisor and making course requests:

Incoming first-year students' summer course requests do not follow this process.  Their course request information is located on the First-Year Experience website.

Course Adjustments

Students may change their schedules in Student e-Services during the regular adjustment period or in the Registrar’s Office after the sixth day of classes. The regular adjustment period extends from the day classes begin through the sixth day of the semester (three days for seven-week courses). During this period students may change from a grade to pass/fail or audit and add or cancel courses. Students are responsible for the accuracy of their course registration and may check it at any time on student e-services. Tuition refunds are made before the end of the adjustment period only (e.g., refunds for applied music or changing to a part-time load).

Students may withdraw from courses up until the Friday after midterm grades are due (; students may change from pass/fail to a regular grade through the tenth week. Adjustments after the above deadlines may be made only under extraordinary circumstances with permission of the Petitions Committee. A late fee of $40 may be assessed if the petition is granted. However, an extension may be granted, and the fee waived if students notify the Registrar’s Office before the deadline. Here is the Petition Form.

Students must receive permission from the Petitions Committee to begin classes after the first week of class and may be limited in their course load. Students may not enroll after the second week of classes.