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Choosing a Major or Minor

Exploring the Options

Many students enter DePauw University confident about their academic path and major. Others arrive curious about the fields of study available to them. A liberal arts education provides students the opportunity to focus on established interests and the flexibility to explore new options.

Declaring a Major or Minor

Each student is required to select a major and a faculty advisor in that department or interdisciplinary program by the sixth week in the second semester of the sophomore year. Students planning for a study abroad program must declare a major prior to applying for off-campus study.

A major or minor can be declared through the online links below: 

Major Declaration Form (ONLINE) 

Minor Declaration Form (ONLINE)

Students are encouraged to have conversations with faculty and staff members about their skills, interests, and the majors and/or minors that complement these attributes. Among the strengths of a liberal-arts education are the abilities to analyze, problem-solve, and communicate effectively, regardless of one's major. Every faculty and staff member wants the best for each student and can engage in these conversations or, at the very least, provide a referral to other campus resources.

To learn more about major and minor requirements, students should review the university catalog, department websites, and areas of study within the School of Music:

The Academic Standing Committee will take appropriate warning actions in the case of students who have failed to declare their major by the end of the sophomore year. The committee may also require students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory progress toward the major to drop that major and select a new major before continuing at DePauw.