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Gallagher, Maryann E., Ph.D.




Political Science, Asbury Hall, Room 103
Greencastle, IN

Political Science

Assistant Professor of Political Science (on leave)

Dr. Gallagher earned her B.A. from Drew University and Ph.D. from Emory University. Her research interests include American institutions, U.S. foreign policy, political psychology and international relations. In her dissertation, "Who Ups the Ante? Personality Traits and Risky Foreign Policy," she addresses the question: Why do some leaders take risks? Drawing on the latest research in trait psychology, her research focuses on how leaders' inherent risk propensities, based on their personality traits, affect decisions to initiate and escalate international crises. She is currently working on several other research projects including an examination of the influence of presidents' personality traits on decisions to issue executive orders (coauthored with Dr. Bethany Blackstone, UNT), and a study of how public support for war influences executive power and restrictions on civil liberties (coauthored with Joshua Schlake, C11').

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