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Administrative Systems Planning Committee

Committee Members 2016-2017

The Administrative Systems Planning Committee, comprised of members that represent departments across the University, is responsible for  developing processes to prioritize IT investments and developing the University’s administrative IT strategic plans.

 Chief Information Officer (Chair) – Carol Smith
 Finance and Administration –  Travis Linneweber
Admission  – Amanda Ryan, Stacy White
Financial Aid – Craig Slaughter, Lara Lawrence
Human Resources  – Amy Haug, Susan Hacker
Development and Alumni Relations – Teresa Goddard
Libraries – Rick Provine
Director of Administrative Information Systems – Adam Hughes
Student Academic Life – Dave Berque
Registrar – Ken Kirkpatrick
Academic Affairs – Jane Griswold
Communications – Mariel Wilderson
Facilities Management – Warren Whitesell
School of Music – Steven Linville

Key partnerships:

Updated January 9, 2017