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Financial Aid Consumer Information

Federal regulations require that institutions provide specific consumer information about the school and about financial aid to enrolled and prospective students. The following list includes available web sites or addresses for the information required to be disclosed.

Financial Aid Information

Available financial aid programs and possible amounts

The application process

How eligibility for aid is determined

How aid is distributed among students

Rights and responsibilities of financial aid recipients

Terms and conditions of Federal Work Study

Availability of community-service FWS jobs

National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS)

The terms of loan repayment

Student Loan Ombudsman’s Office

Criteria for meeting satisfactory academic progress

The availability of financial aid for study abroad

Who to contact for information on financial assistance

General Information

DePauw degree programs

List of the faculty and other instructional personnel


Costs of attendance

Buildings associated with academic programs

Procedures for withdrawing from school

Institutional refunds policy

Return of Title IV aid and repayment policy

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, As amended (FERPA)

Finding Legal Online Music, and Other Electronic Content

Facilities and services available to disabled students

Information on preventing drug and alcohol abuse

Who to contact for information on general institutional issues


Athletic opportunities available to males and females

Annual Report sent to US Education Department

  • Athletic Annual Report  Click on 'Get data for one institution'  On the next page, under 'Name of Institution' add DePauw University.  Click 'search'.  It will take you to DePauw's report.

Campus Crime

Security policies and procedures

Crime prevention programs

Campus crime statistics

Protecting against identity fraud

Federal education officials join the DePauw Financial Aid Staff's concern about student identity theft. Visit for tips on how to prevent identity theft and how to respond to it. To report trouble, call the Department of Education hotline (1-800-MIS-USED) or e-mail