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Counseling Services

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Counseling Services

Spring 2021 Service Delivery


Counseling Services will be utilizing a telehealth approach regarding the majority of our services this spring semester.  This includes intake appointments, individual counseling, consultation, psychiatry, support groups, emergency/crisis response, referral assistance, resource-sharing, and a variety of outreach, prevention, and educational programming.  Services will be available and accessible to both on-campus and remote learners.  However, please note that services may be more limited for remote students depending on state of residence and current telemental health practice laws.

For more information, questions, or to schedule a virtual appointment, please call 765-658-4268 or email counselingservices@depauw.edu.

Please note that our after-hours and weekend crisis services through ProtoCall Services, Inc. will continue to operate as normal.  These services are accessible by calling our main number (765-658-4268) after 5:00 PM on weekdays or anytime during the weekend.  Please be assured that our staff will provide follow-up contact with all calls that are received by ProtoCall Services, Inc.


Group and Support spaces

For the spring 2021 semester


Womxn of Color Group

This weekly group will meet in person. The group aims to provide Black students, Indigenous students, and Students of Color a supportive space to connect with others surrounding similarities and differences. Students will be invited to share and explore personal experiences, provide support, and develop self-awareness. All topics will be welcome and space will be made to discuss the ways in which one’s ethnic, cultural, and racial identity have been impactful in navigating one’s environment.  Students who are interested in registering can contact Nidhal Newash by email at nidhalnewash@depauw.edu

Tuesdays, 1:00pm- 1:50pm EST 

Offered by: Nidhal Newash

Location: TBD


Body Image and Mindful Eating Group 

This virtual support group provides a space and education for students who would like to process ways to develop a healthy body image and engage the benefits of mindful eating and movement. You will need to register for this virtual group by emailing Becky Roberts at rebeccaroberts@depauw.edu. 10 spaces are available for this group.

Tuesdays, 4:00pm-4:50pm EST 

Offered by: Becky Roberts

Location: Virtual-Zoom


Open Mindfulness and Meditation

Students are welcome to join us for a brief time of meditation and mindfulness practice. It is a good way for students to reset their state of mind after a long day of activity. We will usually go for no more than 30 minutes which leaves time for practice and reflection. Students can email scotthamilton@depauw.edu for information.

Wednesdays,  3:00pm - 3:50pm EST (beginning Wednesday, February 3rd)

Offered by: Scott Hamilton

Location: Center for Spiritual Life


Stress Less, Breathe More

This is a drop-in style group in which students are not required to attend each week. Due to the unprecedented nature of this academic year, many students have expressed feeling increased stress in addition to the common stressors associated with being a college student thus resulting in feeling a decrease in the ability to cope. This group will aim to identify current stressors followed by providing and practicing appropriate stress relief techniques (i.e. breathing techniques, grounding exercises, mindfulness, time management, incorporating self-care into one’s schedule, etc.).

Please email maloriemcgee@depauw.edu to register.

Thursdays, 4:00pm-4:50pm EST (beginning Thursday, February 11th)

Offered by: Malorie McGee

Location: Virtual-Zoom


Coping with Stress and Anxiety Amidst Challenging Times

This virtual support group provides a space for students to process and learn about methods to manage stress responses and anxious feelings during challenging times. Email Becky Roberts at rebeccaroberts@depauw.edu to register by 12:00pm EST on Friday, February 12th.

Fridays, 4:00pm-4:50pm EST, 4 week virtual sessions, Friday, February 12th-Friday, March 5th

Offered by: Becky Roberts 

Location: Virtual-Zoom


The Art of Relaxation

This group will focus on creating and expanding one’s “relaxation tool kit” through practicing a variety of creative techniques. These techniques utilize (but are not limited to) movement, journaling/creative writing, art, and music in hopes of promoting relaxation and stress relief. Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, this group will be limited to maximum of 9 students. Please email maloriemcgee@depauw.edu no later than Monday, February 8 to register.

Fridays, 1:00pm-1:50pm EST (beginning Friday, February 12th)

Offered by: Malorie McGee

Location: Julian 159


Student Athlete Check-Ins 

We recognize and appreciate the unique experience of DePauw student-athletes and the impact COVID19 has had on their sport and academics. We are offering brief consultations for DPU student-athletes who want to speak with a counselor. These sessions are not therapy, rather an opportunity for student athletes to check in with their mental health and well-being and have a chance to self-reflect and possibly learn some ways to respond to any number of struggles. Please contact Counseling Services at 765-658-4268 or email counselingservices@depauw.edu and ask about the "Student-Athlete Check-ins."

Offered by: Scott Hamilton 

Location: Virtual-Zoom


Open, Centered, Engaged

Students struggle with all kinds of difficulties that take a toll on their mental and physical health. Many students find that quick-fix strategies and well-meaning avoidance techniques just don't pan out in the long run. For students who want to learn how to face struggles with an alternative approach that is geared toward sustainable overarching skills, Open-Centered-Engaged might be a good option. In this group we teach students how to live a life that is pivoted toward psychological flexibility.  This includes learning and engaging in experiential exercises that promote openness (practicing acceptance and getting untangled from difficult thoughts), being centered (mindfulness and perspective-taking), and engagement (knowing what matters and doing what it takes to live out one's values). Contact Scott Hamilton at scotthamilton@depauw.edu to register

Tuesdays, 11:00am-12:00pm EST, 7 week virtual sessions, Tuesday, February 9-Tuesday, March 23

Offered by: Scott Hamilton

Location: Virtual/Zoom



Counseling Services supports the academic success of students by enhancing their overall health and wellness through the use of comprehensive and holistic mental health, substance abuse, and sexual assault/relationship violence-related services. Operating from a social justice lens and a multicultural framework, Counseling Services strives to assist students by advocating and providing support as needed during times of crisis, facilitating problem-solving, enhancing coping strategies, facilitating campus wide outreach, training and prevention to raise mental health awareness, promoting personal development and growth, and supporting academic success through the use of short-term, culturally, and developmentally appropriate services.


Accessibility & Amenities

  • One handicap accessible entrance with motorized door

  • 1 unisex single user restroom available


Counseling Services is housed in the Buehler Health and Wellness Suites, Lilly Center, 2033. Parking Lot 3 (Peeler Art Center Lot) on this map is the closest lots to our center.