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Counseling Services

DePauw University Counseling Services extends its support to all of our students who are being impacted by the current conflict and violence in Israel and on the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.  We recognize the range of varied emotions - including sadness, anxiety, grief, fear, despair, guilt, helplessness, powerlessness, cognitive dissonance, moral confusion, and anger - that our students may be experiencing.  We encourage everyone to take care of and be compassionate with yourselves and each other.

Tips to Consider:

  • Seek support from and connect with friends, family, faculty, and/or staff
  • Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings
  • Schedule time to be with your thoughts and feelings through writing in a journal
  • Move your body through walking, stretching, yoga, etc.
  • Spend time outdoors in nature.
  • Find creative ways to take action toward contributing to solutions.
  • Take breaks from social media and other news outlets.

Additional Resources:

Counseling Services supports the academic success of students by enhancing their overall health and wellness through the use of comprehensive and holistic mental health, substance misuse, and sexual assault/relationship violence-related services. Operating from a social justice lens and a multicultural framework, Counseling Services strives to assist students by advocating and providing support as needed during times of crisis, facilitating problem-solving, enhancing coping strategies, facilitating campus wide outreach, training and prevention to raise mental health awareness, promoting personal development and growth, and supporting academic success through the use of short-term, culturally, and developmentally appropriate services.

Additionally, we acknowledge the impact of systemic, structural, and institutional racism in our society.  As members of the DePauw community, mental health professionals, and compassionate human beings, we are committed to dismantling racism and supporting those students who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in our community and who have faced marginalization, violence, and oppression. Our team recognizes the importance of ongoing social justice work as we pledge continued commitment to the mental health and well-being of our students. This work includes the provision of culturally-responsive and trauma-informed individual counseling, group therapy and support, and educational outreach.

Summer Hours

While office operations are closed during the month of July, resuming August 1, clinical services remain available by appointment by contacting 765-658-4268 or counselingservices@depauw.edu

If this is an emergency, please contact the above number to be directed to our crisis line or DePauw Police.


Fall Term Outreach - Coming Soon!

Check back periodically as other groups may be added. Let us know if there is a group that you would like to see offered! You can email your suggestions to counselingservices@depauw.edu

Appointments may be scheduled by calling 765-658-4268, emailing counselingservices@depauw.edu or by visiting us in person.

Please note that DePauw University Counseling Services provides students access to 24/7/365 mental health crisis line support through Mantra Health.  This service is accessible by calling our main number (765-658-4268) anytime, day or night, to connect with crisis support.  Please also note that Counseling Services' staff will provide follow-up contact, as needed/indicated, regarding crisis call reports received from Mantra Health.

Connect with DPU Counseling Services virtually with Togetherall, Nearpeer, and Mantra.