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DePauw University Meal Plans

Beginning in the fall of 2015, DePauw is switching from a declining balance meal plan to a traditional meal plan that provides a number of meal swipes per week (flex dollars are also available with all meal plans to provide students with additional options).  A meal or card swipe (“swipe”) is an all-you-care-to-eat (AYCTE) meal at the Hub during normal operating hours or a meal swipe alternative can be used at the Den Bistro or at Blend, the Hub Express, Café Roy, or Café Allegro. 

Overview of meal plans

All students living in DePauw University owned housing must participate in a meal plan.  There are three general plan offerings with two options per meal plan:  Residence Hall Meal Plans, Rector Village Meal Plans, and University Owned Apartments and Houses (UOAH) Meal Plans.  In addition, a Winter Term meal plan is required for students living in DePauw housing during this term.  Any change request to meal plans must be submitted by September 2nd for the First Semester and February 3rd for the Second Semester.  Visit the following site to change your default meal plan (note you must be logged into your Google Apps account to access this form).

The table below summarizes meal plans.  Additional information can be found in our meal plan summary page.

  Meal Swipes Per Week DPU Flex Dollars Per Semester Community Plus Per Semester
Locations Hub
Hub Express
Café Roy
Café Allegro
Two West
Fluttering Duck
Hub Express
Café Roy
Café Allegro
Mama Nunz
Almost Home
Residence Hall Meal Plan ($2,770 Per Semester) 18 Per Week  $200   $50 
Residence Hall Flex Meal Plan ($2,770 Per Semester) 14 Per Week $400 $50
Rector Village Meal Plan ($4,780 Per Semester) 14 Per Week  $100   $50 
Rector Village Flex 12 Meal Plan ($2,390 Per Semester) 12 Per Week $200 $50
 Rector Village Flex 10 Meal Plan ($2,390 Per Semester) 10 Per Week   $300 $50 
UOAH Meal Plan
($750 Per Semester)
 4 Per Week   $100   $50 
UOAH Flex Meal Plan
($750 Per Per Semester)
3 Per Week $200 $50
Winter Term Meal Plan
($500 a Term)
18 Per Week $40 $0

Parents and students can also add Tiger Express dollars to their DePauw ID.  This works like a prepaid debit for on-campus meals/food, bookstore purchases and out-in-town dining.  

Current meal swipe and SV&C balances are now available at  Students should go to the HelpDesk for assistance if they have any issues signing up for an account on our GET site.

Laundry access fees are included in the Residence Hall and Rector Village Meal Plan fee. Students living in UOAH units with laundry machines in the unit are assessed a $75 per semester fee, while students living in UOAH units without laundry machines pay a $25 per semester laundry fee.