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Apps Recommendations From Angela and Helina:

Here is a list of Apps that Angela and Helina recommend. Most of the apps are free and are available for both IOS, Android and laptops. Click each ICON and you will be directed to the official website/download page.



The first one is Quizlet! I can create my own digital flashcards, add videos or images, and get access to thousands of other college students’ flashcards. - Angela 



ColdTurkeyThe second one is Cold Turkey, a free app for the computer, which blocks selected sites for an extended period of time, from 15 minutes to 24 hours. I use it most during the afternoon or late evening when I’m on a time crunch, yet keep getting distracted by Facebook or Pinterest! Students can also create a whitelist, which only allows them to visit selected sites. The best part is there is no way to turn the timer off until it runs out, so you can’t cheat!  - Angela 


ExamContdownThe third one is  ExamCountdown: To avoid procrastination— Exam Countdown is a simple way to keep track of exams and homework dates. I can color-code exams and create countdown timers ranging from minutes to days. - Angela  



EvernoteThe fourth one is Evernote: an app that allows you to organize your notes & media in one place. Students can record, create reminders for dates and even take pictures to store in the multiple folders. I love this app to create lists, take class notes, store all of my scanned documents, and record lectures. - Helina


myHomeworkThe fifth one is myHomework: This app allows for all homework assignments to be organized in a mobile planner. You can set reminders for upcoming due dates and even sync notifications across different devices. I use this as my academic planner, and color coordinates each of my classes. - Helina 


time treeLastly, TimeTree Calendar brings a fresh look to social calendars. With Android/iOS and Web apps, users can create new schedules with their friends and family for all their life activities and events. This calendar app is designed to be social and easy to use. TimeTree Calendar is popular among teens, parents, and those with a busy social schedule. - Emma