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Apply to Honors and Fellows

Through a highly selective process, DePauw University offers admission to students with the promise to use their DePauw education to lay a foundation for lifelong success.

We also offer a select number of high-achieving students admission to one of our five Honors and Fellows Programs: Honor Scholar, Environmental Fellows, Management Fellows, Media Fellows and Science Research Fellows.


Though the application process for each program differs slightly, they all include the following core steps:

  • Interested students should complete an application to DePauw University.
  • Students should also complete a program-specific application, which typically includes a combination of a resume, cover letter, a writing sample and/or a response to an essay question.
  • Once all applications have been received, a select number of students will be invited to interview for each program.

DePauw Academics

DePauw professors are nationally-funded researchers, published authors, experts in their fields. They are also dedicated teachers and advisors. Forty-two majors, three music degree programs, five honors and fellows programs, plus experiential learning opportunities...

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DePauw Admission

As a liberal arts college, DePauw seeks students who will rise to the challenge of an academic program that emphasizes close student-faculty interaction and building communications skills, analytical reasoning skills that prepare individuals to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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