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Attributed to Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Bijinga (beautiful person picture)
Japanese, 1852
Color woodblock print
Gift of Steven G. Conant '71, 1998.7.18


Coromandel Screen, Ching Dynasty
Chinese, Ching Dynasty, 1795 C.E.
paint and gesso on carved wood
Gift of David M. Shoup, 1975.1.1


Wedding Kimono
Japanese, 19th century
Embroidery on Silk
Gift of Arthur E. Klauser, 1991.11.211

This red wedding kimono depicts a Hoo Bird (phoenix) and Pawlonia leaves. The bird and the leaves symbolize future success for the couple. The crown of purple flowers also make up the crest of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a late 16th century warrior and politician who brought an end to the warring states period. In Japanese culture, red symbolizes energy, power, love, and intimacy.