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Shidzuo Iikubo '23 Gallery of Asian Art

Students enrolled in the winter term course, Introduction to Museum Studies, wrote new interpretive labels and created this website content in 2013. Prior to their work, the exhibition lacked interpretive texts and contextual information. This virtual website is an extension of their gallery work. Site content created by: Caitlin Qua '16, Jamie Oriez '16, Leigh Plummer '16, and Michael Paniccia '14.

On behalf of the DePauw University gallery staff, I would like to acknowledge the generous donations of three major donors to the display and presentation of Asian art at the Emison building:

Hirotsugu "Chuck" Iikubo '57

Arthur Klauser '45

Bruce Walker '53

Thanks to their support, DePauw University is able to provide students, faculty, and visitors with the opportunity to study first-rate works of Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan art without leaving Greencastle. We are forever grateful for the invaluable gifts they've entrusted to DePauw and our future alumni. I hope you enjoy this virtual exhibition assembled by DePauw students in 2013 as part of a winter term course assignment. The students enjoyed working in the galleries so much that they voluntarily created this website content and an audio tour as well. 

We hope to see you in the Emison galleries soon.


Craig Hadley