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J. William Asher and Anne F. Harris Endowed Fund in the Humanities

   Online Form                                                  Deadline: November 7, 2018 and April 17, 2019

J. William Asher is a DePauw alumnus and Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychological Sciences at Purdue University.  Highly committed to undergraduate research at DePauw, Dr. Asher has generously established the J. William and Dorothy A. Asher Fund in the Humanities.  These funds support research and scholarly efforts in the areas of art, art history, classical studies, communication/theatre, English, film studies, history, modern languages, philosophy, and religious studies.  Funding must be awarded for projects before expenses are incurred, and there will be no retroactive funding.

Activities that support faculty and students, working independently or together, are eligible for award.  These activities might include but are not limited to:

  • travel to collect data;

  • travel to conference, conventions, and workshops to report research results;

  • student and faculty salaries and wages to enable research, data collection, and writing reports or publications;

  • teaching replacement for load reduction for faculty members pursuing scholarly activities (please check below for specific information about course reassigned time);

  • assistance for longer sabbaticals;

  • equipment purchase;

  • support for student, secretarial, and clerical help;

  • support for a visiting scholar.

Some of the most recent allocations include: 

  • Professor Ayden Adler was awarded $2089.00 for a research trip to Boston, MA to visit the Boston Symphony Orchestra archives.  

  • Associate Professor Samuel Autman was awarded $3006.00 to return to Utah to research demographic trends that will be turned into an essay. 

  • Assistant Professor Paul Johnson and student Melinda Franke was approved for a total of $11102.00 to travel to Madrid, Spain to conduct research in the National Historical Archive. 

  • Student Rebecca Kerns was awarded $1000.00 to travel to Rome to be a participant in the Trasimeno Archaeology Field School project, which involves the excavation of a Roman villa north of Lake Chiusi in Umbria.

  • Professor Howard Pollack-Milgate was awarded a course release to work towards the completion of a publishable article. 

  • Student Kathryn Henning was approved $1760.00 to support student wages to conduct research, collect data, and create a visualization in Scalar for research with faculty member Tamara Stasik.

Faculty applicants

Reassigned time: All tenure-track or tenured members of the faculty are eligible to apply each year, but a faculty member may receive only one course reassigned time in a given academic year and only one award every two years.  Term faculty members must have completed a successful interim review.  Faculty members are not eligible for teaching load reduction during the same academic year as a sabbatical, pre-tenure leave, or any other award that has reassigned time.  Awards for reassigned time for a scholarly project are contingent on departmental staffing needs and approval from the VPAA.

Student applicants

Eligibility:  Students must be in good academic standing and have no incomplete grades in regular semester courses in order to be eligible for funding.  Seniors will not be funded for activities held after they graduate, with the exception of travel to present work at professional conferences that will take place prior to June 30 of the year of graduation.

Sponsor endorsement: Your faculty sponsor must send an endorsement to before your application will be reviewed.  The endorsement need not be a formal letter of recommendation but should briefly express the faculty member’s assessment of the project’s feasibility and merit, the student’s ability to complete the project, and the relevance of the project to the student’s academic program.