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Staff Development

Making a Conscious Choice to be Great based on Jim Collins' "Good to Great and the Social Sectors"

Keynote Address by Dr. Brian Casey

Turning the Fly Wheel:  Looking at DePauw's Future


Purpose, Process and Partnerships:  The Redesign of

Learn more about the goals, challenges and opportunities of DePauw's web transition.


Reinventing the DePauw Campus Visit

Discover the behind-the-scenes plans of moving from the old to the new Office of Admission building.


Being Best in the World and the Culture of Discipline

Hear how the Hedgehog Principle can be applied every day.


The 175th Anniversary Celebration:  A Project in Collaboration, Strategy, and Community Building

Experience the excitement of building an initiative across communities.


Passion Can Lead to Excellence: Women's Softball/Wellness & Fitness/Crisis Response

Learn how passion can drive an initiative to greatness.


Excellent Customer Service:  The Library Model

Learn how to establish long lasting relationships and trust among your customers.