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Sexual Misconduct & Harassment

DePauw University does not tolerate harassment or sexual misconduct in any form. These behaviors are demeaning and interfere with the rights of others to pursue their education in an atmosphere that is safe and respectful.

Sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence (as defined within our University policy and handbook) are a violation of University policy and, depending upon the conduct involved, may be a violation of state criminal law. 

The University is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that values and protects the rights of all members of our community. This commitment is reflected in the Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence Policy, located in the DePauw Student Handbook.  The policy and process for investigation and adjudication are designed to do the following:

  1. Provide a fair, educationally valid process to address alleged sexual misconduct, resulting in prompt decisions that hold students accountable for their actions;
  2. Establish and protect the rights of members of the DePauw community;
  3. Promote the development of individual and group integrity; and
  4. Enforce the non-academic rules and regulations of the University.

The University takes seriously its responsibility to educate the campus community on issues of harassment and sexual misconduct.  In July 2016, the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault (ICESA) announced a partnership of nine Indiana colleges, of which DePauw is one, funded by the Office of Women's Health. In January 2011, the DePauw University received a grant totaling nearly $300,000 from the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women to provide programming for the campus.

As members of the DePauw community, we share responsibility for creating an open and welcoming learning environment. If you wish to get involved with helping DePauw address issues of sexual harassment and misconduct, please contact Wendy Wippich, in the Office of Student Academic Life at (765) 658-4270 or at