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Frequently Asked Questions about Living in University Housing

Bed Size and Sheets

The beds in residence hall rooms are 80 inches long and require extra long sheets.  The beds are of standard height. Twin XL sheets will work well on these beds. Students must furnish bedding as this is not provided by the University or Campus Living and Community Development.

Bike Storage

Bike racks located outside most of the residence halls. Bikes can be parked or stored only in the owner’s room. Bicycles are not permitted to be stored in common public areas (hallways, stairwells, etc).

Fridges and Microwaves

Bringing a fridge or a microwave is entirely up to your preference. Most students do bring one or both items to have in their room. 

Items to Bring

Click here for a packing list.


In most of our residence halls, you can loft your bed. The beds in Bloomington Street, Bishop Roberts, Humbert, Longden and the Lucy and Mason double rooms are loftable. You'll need to request a loft kit rental to loft your bed if you live in one of these halls. Loft kits are $75 and ladders for beds are also available by request. Beds in Residence Hall 1 are not loftable and can not be stacked on one another as there are two dressers under each bed and the mattress frame is adjustable.

For more information on how to request a loft kit rental please click here. The use of home built or other lofts purchased or rented outside of the University are prohibited per the Residential Policies.

Room Amenities

All rooms have a closet (or wardrobe), a bed, a desk, a chair, a dresser and a bookshelf for each resident. Rooms also have blinds, and internet. Residence hall rooms are carpeted or have hard surface flooring, dependent on the residence hall.

Roommate Concerns

Professional Staff Members in Housing and Residence Life value the learning that happens when you live with another person who may be different than yourself. Our First-Year Resident Assistants (FYRAs) will work with every first-year student roommate pair or group at the beginning of the year to set standards and expectations that will help roommates succeed in sharing a space. Community Resource Assistants (CRAs) who work with our sophomores, juniors and seniors are also available to assist their residents. If you are having difficulty communicating with your roommate about your concerns, your FYRA/CRA and our Coordinators are trained to help you negotiate the issues. If the situation is irresolvable, a room change may be considered.

Shipping Items to Campus

Students can send everything to themselves using their UB box address. Standard office hours for the mailroom (located in the Memorial Student Union Building) are Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Substance Free

Substance free living is a unique environment in which all residents, upperclass and first-year alike, agree to lead a substance-free lifestyle in their hall, suite or apartment. Students in these communities agree to the same lifestyle. This means that residents refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs in their living unit. However, “substance free living” means different things to different people. For some residents, this entails completely abstaining from the use of these substances, and for others, it means not using them in the living unit. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each resident to determine what exactly this means to them (with the minimum expectation that they will be substance free in their hall, suite or apartment), and to communicate their beliefs and standards to other residents while respecting the choices that other residents may make about the use of such substances outside of the living unit. FYRAs and CRAs will work with students in substance-free communities to define community expectations at the beginning of the year.

Window Size

Windows in most of the residence hall rooms are approximately 2' x 3'. You can bring curtains if you wish, but you will need a tension rod to hang the curtains as we do not allow students to put holes in the wall to hang curtain rods.